• Mandatory
Updated: 27 Apr 2020

Range of products and services

SuccessFactors cloud service product bundle covering:

  • Employee Central
  • performance and goals
  • succession and career development planning
  • JAM Advanced
  • workforce analytics
  • workforce planning
  • recruiting
  • onboarding
  • learning
  • preferred success (support).

Additional SuccessFactors optional products:

  • SAP consulting/professional services.

SuccessFactors is used for permanent employees. If you are employing contingent labour for temporary positions, see the Contingent Workforce Scheme.

Key contract details

The whole-of-government SuccessFactors agreement with SAP means:

  • a pre-negotiated template SuccessFactors Customer Contract to make procurement easier
  • discounted prices agreed for the entire contract term
  • prices are fixed for the first 5 year term, with renewals subject to annual CPI increases
  • initial bundle prices include production instance and test instances
  • prices have been agreed on condition that there is an overall minimum number of users for the SuccessFactors bundle across all NSW Government users
  • an individual agency can still decide not to renew or extend their customer contract on expiry of the term and any renewal term
  • all customer contracts must be co-termed with the Head agreement, so they expire at the same time
  • agencies are responsible for monitoring their use of SuccessFactors. Overage and transfer of cloud subscriptions between NSW Government agencies is available subject to conditions as outlined in the SuccessFactors customer contract.
  • detailed offshoring arrangements have been agreed. Agencies will need to review these to assess whether SuccessFactors is suitable for their requirements.

Key benefits

  • Sets up a standard Human capital management (HCM) products and services bundle.
  • Maximum prices have been agreed.
  • A pre-approved, pre-filled template has been agreed with SAP which includes Procure IT v.3.2 and other variations.

Eligibility to use contract

NSW Government customers including:

  • NSW Government sector agencies
  • NSW Government agencies
  • statutory public authorities
  • public authorities that exercise public functions
  • prescribed NSW State owned corporations.

Complaints and disputes

If case of a dispute, both the buyer and the supplier must use their best efforts to resolve it.

The buyer should speak to the supplier's customer service representative first. If they can't solve the matter together, the buyer should then contact NSW Procurement.

If the dispute cannot be resolved by mutual agreement of both parties in consultation with NSW Procurement, it will be referred for expert determination. This more formal process will need a higher level of detailed documentation, correspondence and records.