• Mandatory
Date: 19 Dec 2019 - 20 May 2020
Updated: 20 May 2020
Managed: Department of Communities and Justice
Type: Agency specific
Scheme Number: 622

The contract is in line with Procure IT version 3.2, under module 10 as-a-service.

It provides simplified contract terms and conditions and delivers savings to customers through the combined purchasing power of NSW Government.

For detailed products, please contact the NSW Procurement Service Centre

Key contract features

The contract provides:

  • aggregate demand and requirement for a 'One Government'
  • competitive negotiated cloud services pricing
  • substantial discounts for service cloud
  • the ability to drive innovation through a cloud-enabled, next generation agreement
  • flexibility to support the machinery of government.

Key benefits

The key benefits of this contract are:

  • substantial discounts for service cloud
  • ability for existing contracts to transition over to contract 662
  • transferability of services across NSW Government agencies
  • price certainty throughout the contract term.

Eligibility to use this contract

The contract is only available to NSW Government agencies.

The definition of NSW Government agencies is:

  • all NSW Government sector agencies (within the meaning of the Government Sector Employment Act 2013)
  • any NSW Government agency (including a body that is declared to be a statutory body representing the NSW Crown - see Interpretation Act 1987)
  • any other public authority constituted by or under NSW legislation or that exercises public functions (other than a state-owned corporation)
  • any state-owned corporation prescribed by regulations under the Public Works and Procurement Act 1912.

How to register

If you fall under definition of government agencies, please register through the NSW Procurement Service Centre or Salesforce.