• Mandatory
Date: 28 Nov 2017 - 28 Nov 2020
Updated: 18 Jan 2021
Managed: Department of Communities and Justice
Type: Agency specific
Scheme Number: 409

This contract provides for the removal of household and office effects for relocating staff.

It ensures that department-funded moves are competitively quoted by an accredited removalist.

Goods are fully insured and storage is available if required.

Range of services

The agreement provides services to manage the relocation of household and office effects for all eligible customers throughout NSW.

This includes the overall coordination of the relocation including:

  • communications with eligible customers being relocated
  • providing pre-removal advice in relation to the logistics of the relocation
  • invitations of quotations for removal services
  • coordination and planning of the uplift, storage and delivery of household or office effects
  • verification of security checks
  • administration of all insurance claims
  • accreditation and ongoing monitoring of removalist against standards
  • performance monitoring and reporting.

Office relocations can potentially be sought under this agreement. Please contact the contract manager for more information.

These services are to be carried out in accordance with:

  • all relevant policies, regulations and guidelines of the Australian Furniture Removers Associations of NSW (AFRA)
  • NSW WorkCover regulations
  • DECCW regulations
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000.

Key contract features

For a flat administration fee plus insurance and storage fees (if required) Wridgways Pty Limited (T/A Move Dynamics) will organise the removal of household or office effects.

They are responsible for:

  • a removal package to the client
  • obtain a minimum of 3 quotes from Australian Furniture Removalist Association (AFRA) accredited removalist
  • provide expert pre-removal advice to the client
  • arrange for pre-removal inspections (in most cases)
  • arrange support services through their numerous depots throughout NSW
  • administration of all insurance claims (claims resulting from work performed under the contract must be addressed no later than 7 working days upon receiving written notification and/or claim)
  • monitoring the client's removal and track all inventory during the move
  • arranging storage (if required)
  • managing all invoicing (including removal cost)
  • removalist accreditation:  The contractor shall be responsible for ensuring that all removalists performing work under the contract perform such services to the industry standards set down by AFRA and all removalists engaged under the contract must be AFRA accredited
  • providing full details of their methods of quality assurance and monitoring programs including the specified standard against which removalists are assessed
  • providing a current statistical report for their department/agency showing total number of moves per month when required
  • providing a guarantee against all losses, and/or administration errors to the satisfaction of the ordering officer and that the client's household or office effects have been delivered to the correct destination point in good/same order, as stipulated on the client's inventory list and accepted by the client.


The supplier has arranged with a reputable insurance company:

  • broad form of public and product liability insurance limit of indemnity: $10 million each
  • property insurance (covering the contractor for any loss or damage to any property used directly or indirectly in relation to the provision of the services for their full replacement value): $5 million
  • transit insurance: $1 million.

The contractor shall be responsible for ensuring that all insurance claims resulting from work performed under the contract are addressed no later than 7 working days upon receiving written notification and/or claim.

The contractor will provide full details to all clients on how the terms and conditions of all insurance policy claims are to be administered and settled.  This information is to be included in the contractors documentation information package.

All risk insurance cover

Refer to eCatalogue for prices.

Eligibility to use contract

Public bodies can purchase from NSW Government contracts under Clause 6 of the Public Works and Procurement Regulation 2019.

How to register

To register as a new customer please complete the online registration form.

Once approved, you will be advised of your authorised buyer identification number and you are then eligible to use the NSW Government contracts. Please be aware this registration process may take approximately eight weeks.

Please contact the NSW Procurement Service Centre on 1800 679 289 or if you have any problems completing your application form or if you wish to check your registration status.

How to manage complaints and disputes

If a complaint or dispute occurs, both the buyer and the supplier must first seek resolution at the agency level.

Buyers: check our complaint management guidelines online.

Suppliers: make your complaint to the agency customer service representative or procurement area agent. If you can't reach resolution, you can escalate your complaint internally to someone more senior in the agency, or directly to the agency head.

If the dispute cannot be resolved by mutual agreement of both parties, you can escalate the complaint to NSW Procurement.

Contact NSW Procurement via our details on this site if you need more advice.