How to buy

Date: 7 Jan 2020 - 15 Sep 2020
Updated: 15 Sep 2020
Type: Whole of government


Supplier catalogues and pricing information is available on, where participating agencies can buy online at the negotiated contract prices. Find out if your agency is enabled and log in.

Non-participating agencies can get pricing information from:

  • the supplier (view contact details in 'list of suppliers'), or
  • the contract owner (click 'contract owner' above).

Contract prices may change in accordance with the price variation conditions of the contract.

If your agency is not set up contact us to discuss your requirements at


If you are purchasing multiple Multimedia products, please ask the supplier whether a bulk purchase discount is available.


  • Quotes must be obtained in writing by contacting the suppliers.
  • Customers are to refer to PBD-2018-03- Approved Procurement Arrangements for instructions as to engaging with the suppliers.
  • Each order placed in accordance with this agreement will create a separate customer contract under this agreement between the supplier and an eligible customer for the supply of the goods and services specified in that order


Eligible customers may specify the form in which invoices are to be submitted. For example, eligible customers may require consolidated invoices in a specified format for orders placed.

Unless otherwise agreed with an eligible customer, all invoices submitted by the supplier must be:

  • provided within 30 days after the date that the Customer signs the delivery docket, or for Products that are ordered with installation Services, the date that the Customer counter-signs the Completion of Works Certificate; and
  • be in the form of a valid Tax Invoice containing:
    • the Order number and account details required in order for Customers to make payment;
    • an itemised account that enables the Customer to understand what Deliverables the invoice covers and the Price payable;
    • the dates and period to which the invoice relates; and
    • any other information reasonably requested by the Customer.

This is called a correctly rendered invoice.


Delivery of products to all eligible buyer locations within NSW.

Delivery of products and installation where applicable to any NSW region will comply with service level agreements.

Government taxes and charges

All taxes, duties and charges imposed or levied in Australia or overseas in connection with the performance of this agreement will be borne by the supplier.

Third party purchasing

Clause 6 of the Public Works and Procurement Regulation 2019 allows the NSW Procurement Board to provide access to suppliers of public sector bodies to state contracts standing offer agreements for the provision of goods and services. These suppliers are known as Nominee Purchasers. The public sector bodies making the nominations are known as Nominating Agencies.

'Nominee Purchaser' means a supplier to a public sector agency, nominated by the public sector agency to be authorised to place Orders under Standing Offer Agreements for works done as such a supplier and registered by NSW Procurement.

Access of nominee purchasers to NSW Government contracts standing offer agreements:

  • is limited to standing offer agreements relevant to the contract between the nominating agency and the nominee purchaser, and which are specifically listed in the nominee purchaser’s registration and
  • is for a fixed period of registration, usually ending on the completion of the term of the contract between the nominating agency and the nominee purchaser.

A nominee purchaser must not purchase goods or services under a NSW Government contract standing offer agreement, unless they are related to its obligations under a contract with a public sector agency and are used during the term of such a contract or included or incorporated in works, goods or services to be provided to the public sector bodies.