How to buy

Date: 20 Dec 2019 - 20 May 2020
Updated: 20 May 2020
Type: Whole of government

Maximum price contract

The pricing listed for the contract is a maximum price only, where the prices and rates listed for the contract represent a ceiling price that cannot be exceeded. Buyers are entitled to negotiate better prices than those listed under the contract.

Prices are established for purchase of devices and accessories to those devices. Where applicable, click rates are established for maintenance agreements.

Ordering and Procure IT

Contract 2390 incorporates the terms and conditions of Procure IT 3.0. Procure IT is the standard terms and conditions utilised by the NSW Government for information technology and telecommunications contracts. It has been drafted in consultation with the Australian Information Industry Association (the AIIA).

The head agreement template, customer contract document, template order forms and applicable modules can all be accessed from the standard contract template page.

The applicable Procure IT modules for contract 2390 are:

Module 1 – hardware acquisition and installation
Module 2 – hardware maintenance and support services
Module 3 – licensed software
Module 5 – software support services

NSW Procurement and the vendors are working on tailored versions of the order forms which will be better attuned to the needs of this contract, and reduce the paperwork for all parties.

Third party purchasing

Approved suppliers/original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who deliver goods and services through an approved agent (third party/subcontractor/reseller)

Approved suppliers/OEMs under this agreement may offer goods and services using a network of approved agents (also known as subcontractors or resellers).

It is important to note that the binding contractual arrangement lies between the approved suppliers and the eligible buyer.

The approved supplier will capture any approved agent activity through their contractual obligations under the head agreement such as sales reports, price/product management and resolution of disputes.

How to access an approved agent listing from NSW Procurement

Contact the NSW Procurement Service Centre on 1800 679 289 or

Operating hours are 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

How to engage an approved agent (third party/subcontractor/reseller)

Eligible buyers are required to place orders directly with the approved supplier who will then instruct the approved agent to supply goods and services on their behalf. The approved agent is required to abide by the terms and conditions of the head agreement, strictly utilising the required customer contract and order forms.

The eligible buyer is responsible for:

  • ensuring details of the approved agent and their offer are included in their customer contract and order forms
  • undertaking their own due diligence, risk assessments and approval processes prior to executing an arrangement with an approved agent
  • taking ownership of their relationship with the approved agent.

Scenario / example

An agency located in rural NSW needs to procure a multi-function device printer and has been made a competitive offer from a local SME which claims to be a reseller of an approved suppliers products.

The agency then contacts the NSW Procurement Service Centre to log a call requesting confirmation as to whether that local SME is listed as an approved agent under the whole of government contract/scheme. NSW Procurement replies confirming that the local SME is an approved agent.

The agency then carries out internal processes which may include due diligence, risk assessments and approval processes.

A customer contract with the relevant order forms is executed between the agency and the approved supplier, specifying the details and offer/quote for the goods and services to be delivered.

For further information regarding approved agents, please contact the NSW Procurement Service Centre.


All prices must be free into store (FIS) in New South Wales. This includes all geographical locations throughout NSW and the ACT. All spare parts and consumables to operate for the devices are to be to the OEM’s specification.

The contractor is required to install all products unless the buyer indicates that installation is not necessary. For all equipment where by its nature installation by a technician is routine (eg MFD), the installation charge is included in the price.

Where installation can be managed by a buyer (eg laser printer), no installation charge is included in the price.

Where for practical reasons, such as for remote sites, a device which would normally be installed by a technician is installed by a buyer with remote guidance from a technician, the customer must be provided a discount, with fair consideration for the cost savings to the supplier.

Delivery hardware/devices

The devices are required to be delivered within 7 working days of placing the order in greater Sydney metropolitan area, 10 working days in regional and remote areas. If a particular device/machine cannot be delivered within the scheduled time of placing the order, the supplier shall provide the device/machine of similar capacity and features or a better model available at their cost, within the scheduled delivery time of the device.

Delivery consumables

Toner, staple wire or other vendor provided consumables:

AreaDelivery timeDelivery cut-off
Sydney CBD - vendor defined2 hoursCall by 3pm or otherwise next day
Sydney metroSame day/next dayCall by 1pm or otherwise next day
Newcastle Central CoastSame day/next dayCall by 1pm or otherwise next day
WollongongSame day/next day Call by 1pm or otherwise next day
Regional - within 100 km of listed service locationNext day 
Remote - more than 100 km of listed service location One week