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Updated: 27 Apr 2020

Range of products and services

The software agreement is a contractual framework for the procurement of the following products and services from Oracle:

  • software license and maintenance
  • cloud services such as software as a service, platform as a service and infrastructure as a service
  • hardware
  • consulting and professional services
  • training and education services.

It provides simplified contract terms and conditions, and delivers savings to customers through the combined purchasing power of NSW Government.

It also contains provisions for the transitioning of procurement from licensed software models to as-a-service models.

Key contract features

Contract 607 provides:

  • competitive negotiated software and hardware pricing
  • the ability to transition to software as a service arrangements
  • the inclusion of training and advice services under the agreement
  • enhanced contract terms and conditions
  • flexibility on software and services to support machinery of government.

Key benefits

The key contract 607 benefits are:

  • price hold pricing for on premise software license
  • competitive discount on hardware
  • discount hold on Oracle cloud services.

For the above, there may be further discounts on bulk purchases and bundles.

This contract also offers:

  • fixed consulting and professional services
  • competitive rates on training and education services.

The software support service fee increases set out above do not apply to the renewal of any software support services contract entered into during the term of the head agreement, such renewal to be at the customer’s request and for a period of no less than 24 months (2 renewal license years) and up to 36 months (3 renewal license years). The customer needs to issue a purchase order for the multiple years of support upfront and will be invoiced annually in advance. The preceding paragraphs do not apply to the licensed software and software support services referred to in the Oracle BOAC (Back Office Application Consolidation) bundle for NSW Health.

Software products and services are to be procured under the terms and conditions set in  Procure IT version 3.1 with additional terms and conditions from Procure IT version 3.2

Extension options

One 36-month extension option at the discretion of the contract authority.


Please refer to the insurance set out in the Procure IT version 3.1 framework.

Eligibility to use contract

Public bodies can purchase from NSW Government contracts under Clause 6 of the Public Works and Procurement Regulation 2019.

How to register as an eligible buyer

To register as a new customer please complete the online registration form.

Once approved, you will be advised of your authorised buyer identification number and you are then eligible to use the NSW Government contracts. Please be aware this registration process may take approximately eight weeks.

Please email if you have any problems completing your application form or if you wish to check your registration status.

Complaints and disputes

If case of a dispute, both the buyer and the supplier must use their best efforts to resolve it.

The buyer should speak to the supplier's customer service representative first. If they can't solve the matter together, the buyer should then contact NSW Procurement.

If the dispute cannot be resolved by mutual agreement of both parties in consultation with NSW Procurement, it will be referred for expert determination. This more formal process will need a higher level of detailed documentation, correspondence and records.