How to buy

Date: 19 Dec 2019 - 15 Sep 2020
Updated: 15 Sep 2020
Type: Whole of government

Print catalogues

Price books for devices - Lot 1 (showing the full list of models and accessories, upgrades and downgrades) and services - Lot 2 are available from each supplier and can be obtained from DCS ICT and Digital Government at


For pricing information, contact:

  • the supplier (view contact details in 'list of suppliers'), or
  • the contract owner (click 'contract owner' above)

Price books for devices (Lot 1) and services (Lot 2) are available from each supplier, and can be obtained from DCS ICT and Digital Government at

Pricing assurance

If any customer is aware of pricing from a reputable outlet that is better than that offered by the contract for the same model and specification, they are urged to provide those details to the Department of Customer Service (DCS).

When making such comparisons, parameters such as warranty, free delivery state wide, and operating systems should be taken into consideration. If the comparison is valid the supplier may be required to match the price.

Quarterly adjustments

Customers should note that the items under the GSS category will be adjusted quarterly. That may include an adjustment for movements in the US dollar.

The relevant quarters for pricing adjustments will be announced and updated.

The prices and rates for Lot 2 (services) are fixed for the 2 year initial term of the head agreement.


A customer contract can be formed following the below:

  1. The supplier may provide to the customer, as part of their quotation, a pre-completed general order form.
  2. The customer returns that pre-completed general order form, signed, with their system generated purchase order form attached.
  3. The supplier provides acknowledgement of the receipt of the order.

To form a customer contract, the general order form under the Procure IT Framework must be used.

The instructions for the above document, particularly guidance on a shortened order form, should be noted.

Minimum ordering requirements

Under Procure IT, the minimum version of the general order form with all details completed and signed by the customer needs to be provided to the supplier. To form a customer contract the supplier needs to countersign the order.

However, under Contract 999, if the details of the general order form are completed and the form signed by the customer, the supplier needs only acknowledge the receipt of the order. That acknowledgement can be in writing or by email.

We are encouraging suppliers to provide with their quotation a pre-populated version of the general order form, where all of the common details such as the head agreement and the suppliers' particulars are completed. All details particular to the order are referred to an attached purchase order document, which can be the customer's standard system-generated purchase order.

As long as the attached purchase order document provides details of:

  • the customer
  • the deliverables being procured and their price
  • the delivery details.

then that will complete the requirements to create a formal general purchase order. The customer just needs to sign and send it, and the supplier just needs to acknowledge receipt, for a customer contract to be formed.

Supplier conditions

If you accept a quote, you must ensure that the quotation does not contain any conditions.

Large value orders

If the purchase is for a significant value, the customer should consider using the full Procure IT general order form template.


Terms of trade are 30 days from receipt of a correctly rendered invoice.


Delivery is free into store state-wide.

Delivery times vary per supplier. Details can be found under each approved supplier.

Government taxes and charges

All taxes, duties and charges imposed or levied in Australia or overseas in connection with the performance of this agreement will be borne by the supplier.

Third party purchasing

Clause 6 of the Public Works and Procurement Regulation 2019 allows the NSW Procurement Board to provide access to suppliers of public sector bodies to state contracts standing offer agreements for the provision of goods and services. These suppliers are known as Nominee Purchasers. The public sector bodies making the nominations are known as Nominating Agencies.

'Nominee Purchaser' means a supplier to a public sector agency, nominated by the public sector agency to be authorised to place Orders under Standing Offer Agreements for works done as such a supplier and registered by NSW Procurement.

Access of nominee purchasers to NSW Government contracts standing offer agreements:

  • is limited to standing offer agreements relevant to the contract between the nominating agency and the nominee purchaser, and which are specifically listed in the nominee purchaser’s registration and
  • is for a fixed period of registration, usually ending on the completion of the term of the contract between the nominating agency and the nominee purchaser.

A nominee purchaser must not purchase goods or services under a NSW Government contract standing offer agreement, unless they are related to its obligations under a contract with a public sector agency and are used during the term of such a contract or included or incorporated in works, goods or services to be provided to the public sector bodies.