Date: 14 Jan 2021 - 19 Jan 2021
Updated: 19 Jan 2021
Type: Whole of government

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Fleet supply model PDF, 98.63 KB
Understand the relationship between NSW Procurement, lessors, fleet management providers and agencies, and the responsibilities of each party.

Related policy and guidelines

NSW Government travel and transport policy
A whole-of-government framework for official travel and transport by public officials using public money.

Motor vehicle operational guidelines
A whole-of-government approach to the use of vehicles in the work environment.

Buying and supplying telematics
Fleet telematics can help improve safety and efficiency by collecting vehicle usage data and improving driver behaviour.

Related contracts and schemes

Motor vehicles scheme SCM0653
Supply of motor vehicles and the aggregated buy process for passenger, SUV, light commercial vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles.

Lessors panel contract 333
Lessors on this contract provide financing for operating leases on vehicles managed by providers on Contract 300 Fleet Management Panel.

Provision of motor vehicle compulsory third party (CTP) green slip insurance contract 4005
CTP motor vehicle insurance for NSW Government vehicles.

Card fuel and associated products contract 370
Fuel cards can be used to buy petrol, diesel, LPG, biodiesel and car wash.

Disposal of motor vehicles contract 603
Disposal and re-marketing of vehicles and machinery.

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