• Mandatory
Date: 6 Jan 2020 - 26 Aug 2020
Updated: 26 Aug 2020
Managed: Department of Communities and Justice
Type: Agency specific
Scheme Number: 622

In using the existing Facilities Maintenance Contract, agencies can use already established management and contract structures.

Under the contract, the appointed head contractors in each of the 8 regions can provide an established management and contract structure.

Range of services

The range of services available under the contract include:

Preventive and statutory maintenance services for specific systems and equipment

  • annual inspection of roof anchor points
  • annual inspection and servicing of windows including rollers, sash cords, sash stays, spiral balances and hardware and fittings and selected doors (automatic doors, roller shutters, and smoke and fire doors)
  • annual inspection of fume cupboards for assemblies including taps (gas and water), exhaust fans, power outlets and doors
  • materials workshop machinery (wood and metal)
  • kKilns
  • testing and time testing of residual current devices (RCD) and earth leakage circuit breakers (ELCB) fitted to switchboards
  • water filtration and disinfection systems
  • emergency and exit lighting and signs
  • lights and fittings
  • passenger lifts
  • stairway, stage and platform lifts
  • service lifts
  • back flow prevention devices
  • thermostatic mixing valves
  • annual servicing of sewerage pumping stations, grease, clay and dilution pits
  • gas lines and heaters, gas ovens in commercial kitchens
  • evaporative cooling systems
  • ducted central air conditioning and cooling tower systems
  • extraction systems – including dust, kitchen, paint spray booths and paint baking ovens extractions
  • package and VRV air conditioning units / split AC systems / Split ducted AC systems >15kw
  • package and VRV air conditioning units / split AC systems / Split ducted AC systems <15kw
  • central and space heating systems
  • fire and smoke control systems
  • fire and smoke detection and alarm systems
  • fire extinguishing equipment (hydrant and associated booster pumps and sprinkler systems, extinguishers, fire blankets and fire hose reels.)
  • nominated building management systems
  • gas manifold systems and associated gas lines
  • emergency stop buttons
  • annual inspection of eye wash shower units
  • annual inspection of hydrotherapy pools and spas
  • oil Separator units, associated pits and pumps

Routine maintenance services for specific services

  • cleaning of roofs, gutters and downpipes
  • cleaning of portable water storage tanks
  • clearing of grated drains, stormwater pits and sumps
  • pest control (quotation basis)
  • turf / grass maintenance (quotation basis)
  • tree maintenance (quotation basis)

24/7 callout response service – urgent /next day where requested

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, single contact point (call centre)

  • Emergency repairs (WH&S / Security)
  • Insurance
  • Breakdown repairs

Minor maintenance works project management

Agencies may at various times identify minor maintenance / planned works projects that they want to manage under this engagement.

These works can be managed and carried out by the contractor. These are not capital funded projects which are generally carried out under a separate contract arrangement,

terms and conditions in line with each agencies internal and government procurement guidelines.

Key contract features

  • a collaborative approach and a one-team culture between Property NSW, agencies, local facility managers and the contractor
  • value for money and pricing transparency
  • maintaining all assets and sites to a consistent and sustainable standard without faults
  • increased manager of facilities satisfaction in the delivery of maintenance services
  • maximising responsiveness to facility manager’s and stakeholder requirements concerning service delivery
  • highest standards of safety for all persons and all sites to minimise agencies’ exposure to risk
  • achievement of exceptional contractor performance and aligned contract management through a performance management framework.

Key benefits

  • It enables contractors to offer an established strong, client-focused and cohesive local management structure across all areas of NSW.
  • It reduces contract development, procurement and administration costs and time incurred by government agencies to procure these services.
  • The Building & Place Services Unit of Property NSW is responsible for the oversight of the facility maintenance contracts.  The unit focuses on high-level advice policy, strategy and dispute resolution.
  • Agency representatives can manage the contract on a day to day basis or engage Property NSW to provide this as a fee for service.

Extension options

Two x One Year Contract Extension options

Eligibility to use contract

Public bodies can purchase from NSW Government contracts under Clause 6 of the Public Works and Procurement Regulation 2019.

How to register as an eligible buyer

Please contact Building & Place Services, Property NSW to register interest in using this contract.


How to manage complaints and disputes

If a complaint or dispute occurs, both the buyer and the supplier must first seek resolution at the agency level.

Buyers: check our complaint management guidelines online.

Suppliers: make your complaint to the agency customer service representative or procurement area agent. If you can't reach resolution, you can escalate your complaint internally to someone more senior in the agency, or directly to the agency head.

If the dispute cannot be resolved by mutual agreement of both parties, you can escalate the complaint to NSW Procurement.

Contact NSW Procurement via our details on this site if you need more advice.