• Mandatory
Date: 6 Jan 2020 - 26 Aug 2020
Updated: 26 Aug 2020
Managed: Department of Communities and Justice
Type: Agency specific
Scheme Number: 622

The cleaning services contracts cover general cleaning to all facilities within defined cleaning performance standards, together with the specific cleaning requirements of individual agencies.

This is a performance-based contract and the specification describes how your facility should be presented after cleaning, generally at the commencement of each working day.

This approach assists you to monitor outcomes by ensuring that the contractor meets the standards of cleanliness set out in the cleaning performance standards.

Range of services

The range of services available under the contract include:

General cleaning

General cleaning is all cleaning services other than miscellaneous cleaning. The following forms of general cleaning services are required to be carried out as part of the contract:

  • regular cleaning and programmed cleaning
  • provision of cleaning kits for use in emergency situations
  • establishment of management system
  • provision of cleaning service manual at each site to record and review various site related cleaning documentation
  • The purpose of regular cleaning is to provide a comprehensive cleaning service including all necessary tasks to ensure a sanitary, clean and tidy environment consistent with the function of the facility and to ensure that all areas under the contract are suitably fit for the use for which they are intended.

All works must be completed in accordance with the requirements of the Cleaning specifications and performance standards.

Miscellaneous cleaning

The manager of the facility or representative may from time to time issue a request for the contractor to carry out miscellaneous cleaning at a facility. The request can be for:

Emergency cleaning

Emergency cleaning is cleaning which a customer or a manager of the facility directs the contractor to carry out as emergency cleaning, other than cleaning which the contractor should have carried out without a direction.

Optional cleaning

Optional cleaning is where an order is given to the contractor by the facilities manager or the principal.

Key contract features

  • All cleaners employed by the cleaning contractors will have undergone NSW Police security clearance check have a valid Working with Children Check Number (where children are on site) prior to commencing work at your site.
  • Contractors offer a strong client focus, management and reporting structure.
  • Contractors will provide a cleaning service manual at each site. Site manuals contain attendance book, communications book, safely data sheets for all chemicals used at the site, inspection results etc.
  • PWA cleaning QA inspectors will undertake random and complaint inspections of sites to ensure the contractor is fulfilling their obligations under the contract, including compliance with their statutory obligations.
  • Contractor KPI’s are effected for continuous poor standards of service.
  • Contractors are required to carry out regular 12 weekly quality management inspections of the cleaning and provide the opportunity for the department’s staff to comment on the standard of cleaning.
  • PWA Authorised Persons conduct regular compliance audits on the contractor to ensure currency of insurance policies, payment in accordance with the relevant award for employees, all employees are processed for security clearances and compliance with QM inspection schedules and periodic cleaning requirements.
  • Annual client satisfaction surveys are conducted.
  • Clients can access WebClean which is a web based management system that enables the client to monitor, record, analyse and report on all aspects of the cleaning activities including pricing, site variations, facilities management inspections, contractor QM inspections etc.

Key benefits

  • Value for money outcome for NSW Government Agencies via aggregated buying (4300+ sites)
  • Contract rates achieved via a stringent tender process to obtain competitive, fair and transparent rates for cleaning.
  • Compliance with NSW Government’s Procurement Policy Framework, delivery of Social Procurement objectives, Public Liability, Environmental management, Innovation, WHS, IR, Audits and SME requirements.
  • It enables contractors to offer a strong, client-focused and cohesive local management and reporting structure.
  • It reduces contract development, procurement and administration costs and time incurred by government agencies to procure these services.
  • Access to PWA Webclean systems to check costs, variations, QM’s and site cleaning requirements.
  • Availability of one invoice for multiple sites per contractor each month.

Eligibility to use contract

Public bodies are able to purchase from NSW Government contracts under Clause 6 of the Public Works and Procurement Regulation 2014

Public Works and Procurement Regulation 2014-6: Procurement arrangements for other public bodies

  • The Board may enter into agreements with public bodies that are not government agencies relating to the procurement of goods and services by and for those bodies.
  • The Board may do so by allowing those bodies to have access to the procurement arrangements for government agencies or by making separate arrangements.
  • The Board may establish criteria for the exercise of the Board's functions under this clause, including but not limited to the circumstances in which, and the public bodies to which, access to the arrangements for government agencies will not be given.
  • The Secretary of the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation may charge a few in connection with any agreement entered into between a public body and the Board under this clause.
  • In this clause 'community non-profit organisation' does not include an industry association or similar body the activities of which are intended to promote the interests of a particular industry or sector of an industry. 'Public body' includes the following:
    • a private hospital
    • a local council or other local authority
    • a charity or other community non-profit organisation
    • a private school or college
    • a university
    • a public authority of the Commonwealth, any other State or Territory
    • a public authority of any other jurisdiction (but only if it carries on activities in this State)
    • a contractor to a public authority (but only in respect of things done as such a contractor).

How to register as a User for Whole of Government Cleaning Contract

To register as a new customer please email your request with site contact and cleaning details:

The QA Manager will contact you to commence with the process of including your site under the WoG Cleaning Contract.

Please be aware this process may take approximately 2-4 weeks.

Complaints and disputes

In case of complaints and dispute, both the customer and the contractor's representative must use their best efforts to resolve the matter at a local level.

If the complaint cannot be resolved locally between the customer and the contractor's representative. the customer can follow the issue resolution process which is available by contacting Public Works Advisorty a division of the the Department of Regional NSW (DRNSW) via email: and cc

If the dispute cannot be resolved by mutual agreement with both parties in consultation with Property NSW, it will be referred for expert determination as per the Contract Conditions. This more formal process will need a higher level of detailed documentation, correspondence and records.

Contact details

66 Harrington Street 
The Rocks 
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 02 9273 3643