How to buy

Updated: 9 Jul 2020

How to buy

Please email to request a copy of the product and service menu and price list. Access to this information is available under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Number of quotes

The CPAs do not preclude NSW Government agencies from exercising due diligence when procuring services.

Unaccredited agencies may need to get multiple quotes as per Board Direction PBD-2019-04.

Accredited agencies must follow their own procurement processes.

Custom service levels

Buyers can try to negotiate custom service levels as agency-specific requirements.

However, CSPs are not obligated to supply custom service levels. If they do agree, it may be subject to extra fees and charges.

How to place an order

Orders are placed against customer contracts. Each agency is responsible for managing their own customer contract.

The ordering process is different for each CSP as defined in their contract. Generally, orders are placed is either via order forms or a CSP’s portal.

Feedback on supplier performance

The CPA has a supplier performance management process that monitors compliance and service levels.

If you have feedback about supplier performance, please email

Complaints and disputes

If case of a dispute, both the buyer and the supplier must use their best efforts to resolve it.

The buyer should speak to the supplier's customer service representative first. If they can't solve the matter together, the buyer should then contact NSW Procurement.

If the dispute cannot be resolved by mutual agreement of both parties in consultation with NSW Procurement, it will be referred for expert determination. This more formal process will need a higher level of detailed documentation, correspondence and records.