Cloud Purchasing Arrangements (CPA) Contract

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Date: 9 Sep 2019 - 8 Sep 2022
Updated: 9 Jul 2020
Managed: Digital.NSW Contact owner
Type: Whole of government
Contract Number: 864
The Cloud Purchasing Arrangements (CPA) are a set of whole-of-government contracts for cloud services from hyperscale cloud service providers (CSPs).

The contracts are designed primarily for infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) via the public cloud delivery model for NSW Government buyers.

Depending on the supplier and the terms of each contract, the scope may also extend to other deployment types such as community and private cloud as well as other service types.

The CPA is a collection of whole-of-government contracts with Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) for consumption of cloud and associated services by NSW Government agencies and other eligible non-government bodies.  The CPA aims to drive value for buyers by establishing a commercial offer based on whole-of-government volume.

The form of agreement for each contract varies from CSP to CSP, but generally takes the form of:

  • a head agreement defining the CSP’s product and service menu, security program and commercial offer
  • a customer contract under which orders are placed.

CPA customer contracts allow multiple orders over time via order forms or through a CSP.

Range of services

IaaS (infrastructure as a service)

  • compute
  • storage
  • network and security
  • secure internet gateway (SIG)
  • cross domain gateway (CDG)

PaaS (platform as a service)

Professional services

  • cloud training
  • cloud onboarding
  • cloud migration
  • other

Eligibility to use contract

Most of the contracts within the CPA are available to all government agencies and eligible buyers, although this may vary between CSPs.

Also please note that in some cases, some elements of a supplier’s commercial offer may not extend to non-government bodies.

To confirm your eligibility, please email

Key contract features

Product and service menu

Each supplier has a product and service menu, which includes service descriptions and service levels.

This may be incorporated into the contract as an attachment or by reference to publicly available service offerings.

We have sought to include the supplier’s standardised service offering to keep prices as low as possible for customers.

Pricing and discounts

Each CPA includes a commercial framework, including discounts, to ensure customers can achieve the best value for money.

Maximum prices and commercial framework specified in the head agreement price list set a price ceiling. Agencies can negotiate reduced prices or deeper discounts based on:

  • committed spend
  • upfront payment
  • contract term.

The pricing and commercial framework for each supplier is available to customers under a confidentiality arrangement. Please email

New services and suppliers

New services may be added over time to each CPS’s product and service menu, ensuring that buyers can access the latest products and services.

Suppliers may also supply services outside of the product and service menu upon approval from DCS acting as the contract authority.

New suppliers may be added periodically. Suppliers can email to register their interest and to be notified when the intake process starts.


Any value-adds that suppliers provide to a customer contract must be presented transparently.

The contract must set out:

  • the total value of the value-add
  • how the value is calculated
  • the percentage discount to the contract price that the value-add represents.

Contract authority

The contract is managed by the ICT/Digital Sourcing within the Department of Customer Service (DCS). The contract authority:

  • acts as the contract authority for the CPA
  • provides the performance management function
  • supports agencies and clusters on customer contracts
  • conducts refreshes and intakes.

Service catalogue updates

DCS is responsible for service catalogue updates. We will notify suppliers if pricing updates are needed, and notify customers of any changes.

Transition from existing contracts

We expect buyers to migrate services to the CPA when their existing contracts reach the end of their initial term.

A buyer may be able to transition earlier if they can under their existing contract without penalty or if they are prepared to pay any early termination charges.

If you need help transitioning to the CPA, please email

Key benefits

Market contestability

CPA enables customers to procure a range of product and services across major CSPs.

Better services

The adoption of cloud services represents a commitment to using digital to put more power in the hands of citizens and deliver better services.

Value for money

Better value for money for the taxpayer and benefit realisation associated with the projected growth in cloud expenditure.

Agile procurement

Enabling agile procurement of cloud services follows the strategy and goal of transforming the public service to being more agile, data driven and focused on designing and delivering customer centric services in the digital economy.

Streamlined procurement

Once a contract signed, customers can raise multiple orders via a simplified order form or electronically, depending on CSP.

Other related information

Approved cloud service providers (CSPs)

These suppliers have undergone a qualification process to be admitted to the CPA.

Each CSP provides services as defined in their product and service menu.

This list will be updated regularly as new contracts are finalised.

Website: Amazon
Address: 410 Terry Avenue, North Seattle, Washington 98109-5210

AWS cloud services are procured through an arrangement with the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA). Further information about the arrangement can be provided through a deed of confidentiality.

For assistance, please contact

Website: Google Cloud
Address: 48 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont NSW 2009

Karla Oliveira
Sales Representative (Public Sector)
0407 763 680

To access the IBM supplier information, please see the IBM Contract.

Website: Macquarie Telecom
Address: Allianz Building, Level 15, 2 Market Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Caroline Rahme
National Account Director
0411 126 680

Website: Microsoft

Azure Cloud Services can be procured through an authorised Microsoft licensing solution provider (LSP). LSPs are listed in the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Contract.

For assistance, please contact

Website: Vault Cloud
Address: Level 1, 12-20 Argyle Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Linton Burling 
General Manager
02 6190 0000 or 0412 530 969

New suppliers and services

The CSP list, product and service menu and price lists are reviewed periodically to ensure they remain relevant and continue to provide value for money.

New suppliers can email to register their interest and to be notified when the intake process starts.

How to buy

Please email to request a copy of the product and service menu and price list. Access to this information is available under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Number of quotes

The CPAs do not preclude NSW Government agencies from exercising due diligence when procuring services.

Unaccredited agencies may need to get multiple quotes as per Board Direction PBD-2019-04.

Accredited agencies must follow their own procurement processes.

Custom service levels

Buyers can try to negotiate custom service levels as agency-specific requirements.

However, CSPs are not obligated to supply custom service levels. If they do agree, it may be subject to extra fees and charges.

How to place an order

Orders are placed against customer contracts. Each agency is responsible for managing their own customer contract.

The ordering process is different for each CSP as defined in their contract. Generally, orders are placed is either via order forms or a CSP’s portal.

Feedback on supplier performance

The CPA has a supplier performance management process that monitors compliance and service levels.

If you have feedback about supplier performance, please email

How to manage complaints and disputes

If a complaint or dispute occurs, both the buyer and the supplier must first seek resolution at the agency level.

You'll find pages on this site with general information that may help you prepare for and manage complaints and disputes:

Contact NSW Procurement via our details on this site if you need more advice.