Updated: 9 Mar 2021

Construction procurement has its own set of processes, guides, templates and support materials.

Below are frameworks of contract templates and support documents, insurance requirements and training.

Please refer to the other tabs in this section for related policies, scheme guides and other resources.

Construction procurement processes

In NSW, construction procurements work a little differently to goods and services. Read about construction procurement processes including the Accreditation Program.

For construction accreditation requirements please see the links below:

There are certain requirements you must fulfil after awarding a contract beyond disclosing its details.

The Enforceable Procurement Provisions may impact constructions procurements.

Contract templates and support documents

When procuring for construction, our frameworks of documents will help you to structure your procurement activities to achieve successful outcomes.

These frameworks of documents are specifically designed to support you to:

  • select appropriate procurement and contracting strategies
  • nominate an appropriate principal in contracts
  • prepare tender documents and contracts based on standard forms
  • select contractors and consultants with proven performance records
  • effectively manage contracts, including clause commentaries, sample letters and checklists
  • maintain an effective performance management system through monitoring and reporting
  • resolve contractual claims and disputes.

Choose from the frameworks below, based on your procurement type and the contract value.

Construction documents are under review

Please note: the construction documents are currently under review and some may not be available. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact the NSW Procurement Service Centre on 1800 679 289 or email

Mini minor works

For contracts valued up to $50,000, or $150,000 under the prequalification scheme for works valued up to $1 million. View Mini Minor Works documents.


For contracts valued up to $1 million, with relatively simple contractual arrangements. View MW21 documents.

GC21 edition 2

For contracts valued over $1 million. View GC21 edition 2 documents.

Project management services

For the engagement of private sector project managers. View project management services documents.

Consultancy services for construction

View consultancy services documents.

Expression of  interest

For seeking indications of interest from potential service providers. View EOI documents.

Performance management

Information about performance management in construction. View performance management documents.

Construction guidelines

Please check the guidelines for information relevant to your construction procurement.

Construction insurance

Please refer to the insurance relevant to your construction procurement, based on contract value.

Agencies, including state owned corporations, are able to decide whether or not to insure for projects under $10 million. However if they decide to insure projects under $10 million, PAI must be organised through icare.

Please see Treasury Circular 16/11 for more information.

For all NSW Government capital works projects with an estimated total cost of $10 million or more, all agencies, other than state owned corporations, are required to undertake Principal Arranged Insurance (PAI) through icare. State owned corporations must demonstrate that they can acquire PAI at a price more competitive than the price offered by icare.

icare’s Construction Risks Insurance Fund (CRIF) portal is available for agencies to take out and manage their construction policies. (See User Guide in portal)

Access for existing users

Go to and login using your unique credentials.

If your agency has current or historical policies with the CRIF, these have been migrated across to the new portal, and you will be able to view and download the documentation for these online.

Access for new users

Go to the portal request access page at

Select the ‘Other’ access level and scroll down to download the icare Insurance for NSW Portal access form. Complete the form (make sure to select the 'CRIF access' option) and email the completed form to

Draft insurance policies

The following draft policies are available on the icare website (link is external)

  • General, Products and Environmental Liability Policy
  • Material Damage Insurance Policy Project Insurance

icare contact details

Skills and training in construction

Visit the Infrastructure Skills Legacy Program webpage from Training Services NSW to understand the skills, training and diversity requirements for NSW Government agencies when procuring construction services or undertaking construction projects. The objective is to ensure that NSW Government expenditure:

  • encourages industry investment in skills development
  • increases the completion rate for apprenticeships and traineeships
  • supports the work done by the NSW Skills Board and Training Services NSW
  • develops industry capability for the future
  • provides value for money.

Courses are also available for GC21 and MW21 contract frameworks. More information is available in our Training library.