Policies and guidance

You need to follow certain policies and guidance in the sourcing stage of any procurement.
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What you need to know
  1. There are several policies and other guidance material that relate to the sourcing stages of a procurement
  2. Some of these are mandatory, others guide you towards best practice
  3. Not every policy applies on every occasion but you need to be mindful of when they do.
  4. A full list of procurement related policies and legislation is available in the Policy library

List of policies and guidance

This is not the full list of policies and guidance, just the ones that are applicable to sourcing.

View the policy library to browse all procurement policies and legislation.

Type of documentNameWhen it applies
LegislationGovernment Information (Public Access) Act 2009 [Link]All procurements >$150,000 incl. GST
LegislationPublic Works and Procurement Regulation 2019 [Link]Always
LegislationWork Health and Safety Regulation 2017 [Link]Constructions procurements ≥$250,000
PolicyAboriginal Participation in Construction Policy (APIC) Construction procurements <$250,000 or >$1 million
PolicyAboriginal Procurement Policy (APP) Construction procurements <$250,000 or >$10 million
PolicyAgency Accreditation Scheme for Construction (pre-2015) [Link]Recommended for all construction procurements
PolicyAgency Accreditation Scheme for Procurement (2015 onwards)Recommended for all construction procurements
PolicyAccreditation Program for Goods and Services ProcurementRecommended for all goods ands ervices procurements
PolicyNSW Bid Cost Contributions Policy [Link]Recommended for construction procurements >$100 million
PolicyDFSI-2015-04 NSW Government Cloud Policy [Link]All ICT procurements
PolicyDFSI-2017-01 Telecommunication Sharing and Commercial Principles [Link]All ICT procurements
PolicyDFSI-2019-01 NSW Operational Communications Strategy [Link]All ICT procurements
PolicyEnvironmental Management Guidelines [Link]All construction procurements
PolicyGovernment Resource Efficiency Policy [Link]All procurements
PolicyM2012-08 Use of Biofuels [Link]All fuel procurements
PolicyM2014-11 Additional Evaluation Criteria for Major Projects Valued Above $100M [Link]All construction procurements >$100 million
PolicyM2016-04 NSW Government Core Legal Work Guidelines [Link]All procurements
PolicyNSW Industrial Relations Guidelines: Building and Construction Procurement [Link]All construction procurements
PolicyPBD 2013-01C Financial Assessments All construction procurements >$1 million
PolicyPBD 2014-03C Threshold for Unaccredited Work All construction procurements >$1.3 million
PolicyPBD-2015-03 Radio Communications Site License Agreement Framework All operational telecommunications (ICT) procurements
PolicyPBD-2016-03 Construction Standards and Conformance All construction procurements
PolicyPBD 2016-04 NGO Registration Scheme All human services procurements
PolicyPBD 2017-03 Civil Liability Act 2002 – Proportionate Liability All construction procurements
PolicyPBD 2017-04 Procuring Human Services from NGOs All human services procurements
PolicyPBD 2017-05 Construction Training and Skills Development All construction procurements >$10 million or >$500 million
PolicyPBD 2017-07 Supplier Conduct All procurements
PolicyPBD-2018-02 Procure IT Framework All ICT procurements
PolicyPBD 2019-01 Engagement of Professional Services Suppliers All professional services procurements
PolicyPBD-2019-02 Telecommunications Procurement All ICT procurements > $100,000
PolicyPBD-2019-05 Enforceable Procurement Provisions Covered goods and services procurements > $657,000
Covered construction procurements >$9.247 million
PolicyPremier's Memorandum 2016-03 Model Litigant Policy for Civil Litigation [Link]All procurements
PolicyQuality Management Guidelines [Link]All construction procurements
PolicySME and Regional Procurement Policy All goods and services procurements
<$1 million
>$3 million
PolicyTC12-12 Mandatory use of the TMF for all Government insurance requirements [Link]All procurements
PolicyTC16-11 Mandatory principal arranged insurance for all major capital works projects [Link]All construction procurements
PolicyTPP18-03 NSW Government Foreign Exchange Risk Policy [Link]All procurements
PolicyTravel and Transport Policy [Link]All travel procurements
PolicyWork Health and Safety Management Guidelines [Link]All construction procurements
GuidelinesCommercial approaches to key contract terms [Link]Recommended for all procurements
GuidelinesConstruction procurement guidelines (unaccredited and partially accredited agencies) [Link]All construction procurements >$1.3 million
GuidelinesCorruption prevention, fairness and probity [Link]Recommended for all procurements
GuidelinesFinancial Assessments Reports Central Repository [Link]Recommended for all construction procurements >$1 million
GuidelinesHuman Services Outcomes Framework [Link]Recommended for all human services procurements
GuidelinesMarket Approaches Guide [Link]Recommended for all procurements
GuidelinesTCorp Foreign Exchange Execution Framework [Link]All procurements
GuidelinesTravel Operational Guidelines [Link]All travel procurements
TemplatesConstruction contract templates (unaccredited and partially accredited agencies) [Link]All construction procurements >$1.3 million
TemplatesGoods and services contract templates [Link]Recommended for all goods and services procurements
TemplatesICT contract templates [Link]All ICT procurements
TemplatesNSW Human Services Agreement [Link]All human services procurements