Best practice procurement

Procurement best practice follows three stages: planning, sourcing and managing.
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What you need to know
  1. We’ve developed our model approach to procurement. This consists of 3 stages - Plan, Source, Manage - and 9 steps.
  2. You need to carry out 9 steps to implement our approach but you don’t have to spend the same time on each one.
  3. When you follow this approach and use the tools we’ve developed, you’ll also be following best practice.

Outcomes-focused methodology

We encourage you to follow our best practice methodology. It aims to instill a procurement system that:

  • delivers value for money
  • aligns with business needs
  • improves service delivery
  • supports a competitive NSW economy.

In keeping with these aims, we focus on outcomes instead of processes. We also encourage you to engage with industry throughout the entire procurement process.

Procure in 3 stages and 9 steps

Our best practice methodology consists of 3 broad stages: Plan, Source and Manage. Each stage comprises 3 steps. The guidance on this site is largely set out using this approach.

While every step is important, you don't have to spend the same time and resources on each one. Instead, you should make your own assessment based on the size of your procurement, your situation and needs.

When you use this approach and its supporting tools, you'll be following best practice. This, in turn, should give you the best chance of reaching a successful procurement outcome.

The image shows the best practice procurement approach lifecycle starting with the planning phase and then moving through source to the management phase.
Our best practice model approach to procurement is based on Plan - Source - Manage