The Procurement Board develops and implements a government-wide strategic approach to procurement.
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What you need to know
  1. NSW’s devolved structure makes each agency responsible for its own procurement.
  2. The Procurement Board sets a whole-of-government strategic approach.
  3. The board comprises 8 cluster leaders.

Devolved governance structure

In NSW, government procurement operates within a devolved governance structure.

Your agency head is ultimately responsible for your agency's procurement. They enter into procurement agreements on behalf of your agency and make sure you comply with procurement law and government policy.

An agency can be responsible for a whole-of-government procurement arrangement. When this happens, the agency enters into agreements on behalf of the whole of NSW Government.

The Procurement Board

The Procurement Board develops and implements a government-wide strategic approach to procurement.

The Procurement Board has the statutory power to issue Board Directions to agencies on procuring goods and services, including construction contracts.

The Secretary of NSW Treasury has delegated the chairs of the board to the Deputy Secretary, Commercial, Commissioning and Procurement. The Board, which consists of the heads of at least 6 other government departments, or their appointed deputies.

A subcommittee supports the board, operating as a governance body.

Procurement Leadership Group (PLG)

The PLG is the board’s principal advisory group on procuring goods and services including construction. It delivers state priorities by executing the government’s procurement objectives and the board’s strategic goals. It considers and advises on:

  • whole-of-government procurement strategy
  • financial performance
  • practices, policies and guidelines
  • resource and capability planning
  • innovation plan.

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