Board Directions

You must follow Board Directions every time you procure goods and services.
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What you need to know
  1. The Procurement Board has statutory power to issue Board Directions to agencies.
  2. Board Directions set the rules and guidelines around procurement by agencies.
  3. You must follow Board Directions in every procurement wherever they’re relevant.

What are Board Directions

The NSW Procurement Board has the statutory power to issue Board Directions to agencies on procuring goods and services, including construction contracts. This authority comes from s 175 of the Public works and Procurement Act 1912.

Board Directions may apply to you specifically or to agencies generally. You must follow them wherever they’re relevant.

We publish Board Directions before their start date where we can, to help you plan for your upcoming procurements.

List of current Board Directions

View all Board Directions you must follow when relevant.

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