Other considerations

Every procurement comes with policy and legal obligations.
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What you need to know
  1. In NSW, government procurement operates under a devolved governance structure.
  2. Before you plan your procurement, you need to consider if it is covered by PBD-2019-05 Enforceable procurement provisions as well as the procurement's objectives and your level of accreditation for either goods and services or construction.
  3. Covered procurements are subject to additional criteria. A covered procurement is one that is subject to enforceable procurement provisions as outlined by the Procurement Board. PBD 2019-05 has been put in place to make sure agencies comply with NSW’s obligations under international agreements.
  4. You must comply with board directions, which have the standing of law and the same effect as policy.
  5. You must also keep good records at every stage of the procurement to document your decisions and the reasons behind them.
  6. You can see all procurement policies, legislation and guidance in the Policy Library.