What is accreditation for goods and services procurement?

Accredited agencies are authorised for goods and services procurement to maximum contract values set by their accreditation level.
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What you need to know
  1. Accreditation determines the maximum value of goods and services you can procure.
  2. If your agency is accredited, you can procure higher-value goods and services.
  3. Agencies receive accreditation, not individuals.
  4. There are two levels of accreditation, levels 1 and 2.
  5. You need to apply to NSW Procurement and have your agency’s procurement function assessed by an independent assessor.
  6. You must meet some ongoing obligations once you're accredited.
  7. If your agency doesn't have the accreditation level you need, another agency within your cluster may be able to procure the goods or services for you.

Accreditation determines an agency’s authority to procure goods and services. There are 2 levels of accreditation; the highest is level 2.

If your agency is accredited it has proven it can meet minimum standards when it comes to:

  • identifying and managing procurement risks
  • driving continuous improvement in your procurement function, and
  • delivering procurement outcomes that provide value and match the NSW Government’s strategic priorities.

Find out your agency’s accreditation level and status in the agency accreditation status list (goods and services) DOC, 143 KB.

What accreditation means for your agency

If your agency is accredited, you can procure higher-value goods and services.

Level 1 accredited agencies can procure goods and services up to different maximum values, depending on the level of risk.

Level 2 accredited agencies have no maximum contract value.

If your agency isn’t accredited, you can still procure goods and services up to a certain value, usually $650,000. For contracts over this threshold, an accredited agency in your cluster may be able to procure goods and services on your behalf. Otherwise, you’ll need to seek concurrence. More information is available in PBD-2019-04 Approved Procurement Arrangements.

Read more in Levels of accreditation.

How to get accredited

You can apply to NSW Procurement to get accredited. When you do, you’ll need to go through a formal assessment process conducted by an independent assessor.

The independent assessor will analyse how your procurement function performs against 10 key indicators. The assessor will interview key staff in your agency and analyse your procurement processes and documentation.

Based on this, the assessor will compile a formal report which they’ll provide to NSW Procurement. The NSW Procurement Board will then determine whether you meet the accreditation requirements.

Read more in Get accredited.

Ongoing accreditation

To stay accredited, your agency needs to meet some ongoing obligations. These include reporting on your procurement performance and setting annual outcomes targets. Your agency must continue to meet the minimum requirements of your accreditation level.

If you’re accredited, you must notify NSW Procurement when certain trigger events occur. You also need to explain how you’ll remedy them.

Just as the Procurement Board can grant accreditation, it can vary or cancel your accreditation if you fail to properly remedy the effects of a trigger event.

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