The role of NSW Procurement in goods and services procurement accreditation

NSW Procurement administers the accreditation program and provides important advice.
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What you need to know
  1. NSW Procurement administers the accreditation program.
  2. We can help you target the right level of accreditation and provide advice on complying with your obligations.
  3. The Procurement Board is the program owner and can grant, cancel or vary accreditation.

NSW Procurement’s responsibilities for goods and services accreditation

NSW Procurement administers the accreditation program. It is responsible for:

  • overseeing the independent assessor selection process
  • conducting planning meetings to explain the assessment process and determine which level of accreditation you should target
  • monitoring the status of your accreditation assessments
  • providing support and clarifying any issues you and your independent assessor may have during the accreditation assessment process
  • reviewing your draft assessment documents before they’re submitted for your Secretary’s approval
  • facilitating your agency's application for assessment to the Procurement Board.

How NSW Procurement can help

If you’re a self-assessing agency, NSW Procurement can provide advice and support by:

  • helping you set appropriate performance targets for your annual report
  • helping you evaluate potential trigger events and identify suitable remedial action
  • consolidating all the agency annual reports to submit to the board.

The Procurement Board

The Procurement Board acts as the assessment program owner. The program aims to lift the government's procurement standards and performance.

The board is responsible for:

  • approving program changes
  • granting accreditation
  • monitoring your year-on-year performance and your compliance with your accreditation obligations
  • reviewing your outcomes and targets
  • requesting targeted or full reviews of agencies following any trigger event
  • appointing the Procurement Leadership Group to manage trigger events on its behalf
  • varying or withdrawing accreditation if you don’t meet your obligations.

The Chair of the Procurement Board is also responsible for approving interim accreditation status.

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