Procurement accreditation gives NSW Government agencies the authority to manage their own procurements within the terms of their accreditations.
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What you need to know
  1. Procurement accreditation determines the type of procurement and the value of procurement your agency is authorised to pursue.
  2. Depending on your procurement needs, there are 2 separate accreditation programs for NSW Government agencies.
  3. Both accreditation programs are established under the authority of the NSW Procurement Board.

The NSW Procurement Board has established separate accreditation program for goods and services procurement and construction procurement. Both programs:

  • establish minimum standards for managing procurement activities
  • manage risk
  • promote the delivery of outcomes towards strategic priorities
  • drive continuous improvement and capability development across the sector

To become accredited, your agency needs to apply to the Procurement Board and undergo a formal assessment process.

To maintain accreditation, agencies need to meet ongoing annual obligations around reporting, self-assessment and management of trigger events.

Unaccredited agencies can manage their own procurement within thresholds set by the NSW Procurement Board. For procurements above thresholds, unaccredited agencies must seek and obtain agreement from an accredited agency.

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