Small and medium enterprises

Businesses with less than 200 staff members can access incentives when supplying to government.
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Fast payment for small businesses

Businesses with up to 20 full-time employees can register for fast payment. For goods and services valued between $10,000 and $1 million you will receive payment within 20 days. In December 2019, this will change to five business days.

Agencies can pay instantly by credit card for goods and services under $10,000.

Small business contract exemptions

Agencies can buy goods and services direct from small businesses up to the value of $50,000 — even where those goods and services are mandated on a whole-of-government contract. Buyers still need to check that the price and quality meet market norms and the agency’s requirements.

General exemptions

In fact, any supplier can sell direct to government, if the goods and services cost less than $10,000.

Up to $1 million for prototypes from SMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can pitch new products or services to agencies. Proof-of concept or outcomes-based trials can be carried out on short-term contracts of up to $1 million.

After the trial, any further procurement needs to follow agency procurement rules. That might mean a competitive process so that other potential suppliers have a chance to bid for the work. But if the product or service is unique it may be possible to directly negotiate a contract.

Contracts over $3 million

For goods and services contracts over $3 million, suppliers need to show how they will meet economic, ethical, environmental, or social priorities of government, including how they will work with SMEs to deliver the contract.

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Schemes and tenders

If you have a product or service that you think NSW Government could buy, you can also apply for prequalification schemes and tender opportunities.

Contact us

We want SMEs to be part of a vibrant business ecosystem in NSW. If you have ideas or feedback contact us through the NSW Procurement service centre.