Non-government organisations

Non-government organisations can benefit from $4 billion worth of NSW Government contracts annually.
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How to qualify

To qualify there are two options:

  • You must be a qualified non-government organisation (NGO). This means your business is independent from government and profits are reinvested in the business. You must not distribute profits to owners or members.
  • You can be a for-profit organisation that sub-contracts health services that meet the health, welfare and social needs of individuals, families and communities.

Register to apply for tenders

Tenders are one way that NGOs can apply for and receive NSW Government funding, in addition to grants.

NSW Government uses the tender process for procuring goods and services. A tender helps suppliers to submit bids in a fair and orderly way, and for buyer agencies to compare competitive bids from prospective suppliers.

You can register as a new user on eTendering – the website where NSW Government agencies advertise tender opportunities.

Did you know?

If you apply for the NGO registration scheme for human services, you will only need to provide your information once. It will be available on each tender opportunity you apply for.

Responding to a tender

You can search current or proposed tenders on eTendering and apply for open tenders.

An open tender is one that is publicly accessible where any eligible prospective supplier can submit a bid.

If your application meets the criteria, you will need to sign a NSW Human Services Agreement and a Funding and Services Schedule.

If your application is unsuccessful, you can ask for feedback.

The Guide to the NSW human services agreement provides information and checklists to help you comply with your obligations.

Alternative contracting models

As an NGO business you may wish to sub-contract or be part of a consortium to provide human services. You can see a list of current NGO registered suppliers on eTendering.

Delivering human services

NSW Government is focused on delivering human services. Understanding this approach can help you to pitch and create better services. You can find out more from the digital.nsw blog Social Innovation Council or by reading the Human services outcomes framework.

Contact us

If you have any questions about providing services to NSW Government as an NGO, you can also contact the NSW Procurement service centre.