Australian disability enterprises

NSW Government supports businesses that employ people with a disability and helps them connect with buyers.
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What is an Australian disability enterprise?

An Australian disability enterprise (ADE) is a business that employs people with disability. Most are non-profit organisations.

ADEs offer an opportunity for people with a disability to work, develop new skills and contribute and connect to their local community. 

State and federal governments provide funding for each employee, depending on an employee’s support needs and requirements.

To see the list of ADEs visit the BuyAbility website.

Advantages for Australian disability enterprises

It’s easier to win business

Government buyers only need a single quote to engage an approved ADE to provide goods and services. This includes goods or services on whole-of-government contracts.

This is enabled by the Public Works and Procurement Regulation.

Support with promotion

National Disability Services promotes ADEs listed on BuyAbility. They actively connect agency buyers with Australian disability enterprise suppliers.

Did you know?

All ADEs need to be registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to be eligible to claim services they deliver to NDIS participants.  

Learn about what’s involved in becoming a registered NDIS provider.