Aboriginal owned businesses

NSW Government has initiatives that make it easier to do business with Aboriginal owned companies.
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Initiatives for Aboriginal owned businesses

The Aboriginal procurement policy includes incentives that make it simpler for buyers to buy from Indigenous businesses.

  • For purchases up to $150,000, buyers only need one quote.
  • For purchases up to $250,000, agencies can give first consideration to Aboriginal-owned businesses on an appropriate prequalification scheme.
  • For purchases up to $250,000, not covered by a prequalification scheme, buyers may negotiate directly with an Aboriginal-owned business.

The Aboriginal participation in construction policy also helps Indigenous businesses through initiatives, including:

  • For construction goods and services valued up to $250,000, agencies can negotiate directly with an Aboriginal-owned business.
  • For construction goods and services valued up to $1 million, agencies can run a closed tender with a prequalified Aboriginal-owned business.
  • Government buyers must apply at least 1.5% of their project spend to Aboriginal participation. This spend could include subcontracting to an Aboriginal-owned businesses, hiring or training Aboriginal employees or using Aboriginal consultants.

How to qualify

You need to register your business as Aboriginal-owned with one of these organisations:

Steps for supplying to government

  1. Register on eTendering — this gives you an account you can use to apply for prequalification schemes. You will also receive email alerts for any tenders that are relevant to your business so that you can apply.
  2. Apply for prequalification schemes relevant to your industry. Your business doesn’t need to be able to supply all the capability items, just indicate your specialties.
  3. Buyers may contact you for contracts up to $250,000 (excluding GST)
  4. Apply for relevant tenders. If you have questions or need help with the application process, contact the NSW Procurement service centre.
Things to remember

One way to win construction work is through subcontracting. Check eTendering contract award notices, then contact the winners to see if there are any opportunities to subcontract as an Indigenous business.

Several agencies websites have construction project pipelines where you may view planned future projects. This will help your business and staff to be ready for upcoming opportunities. View the Infrastructure NSW pipeline.