Non-agency buyers

Public authorities, charities and not-for-profit organisations can access the buying power of the NSW Government.
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Who can apply?

Eligible organisations include:

  • a local council or other local authority
  • a charity or other community not-for-profit (NFP) organisation
  • a university
  • a public authority of the Commonwealth, any other state or territory
  • a contractor to a public authority when fulfilling a contract.

What you will need

You will need to provide documentation on the legal establishment of your organisation, or other legal and accounting information.

How to apply

An office holder with authority to sign legal documents will be required to apply using the online application form.

Check if you are registered

Your organisation may already be registered on the list of non-agency buyers.

Need help?


Phone: 1800 679 289


A local RSL needs to update its food service area. By becoming a non-agency buyer, they can access quality refrigeration and other catering equipment.