Complying with international agreements

Learn which international trade agreement rules and thresholds impact government procurement in NSW.
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Which rules apply

Australia is party to a number of international trade agreements that impact on government procurement in NSW.

PBD 2017-06 International procurement agreements requires affected agencies to comply with these international agreements.

Affected agencies

The rules apply to NSW Government departments and some other government agencies.  

The affected agencies are listed in the International procurement agreements guide, schedule 1


The rules apply to procurement valued over the following thresholds:

  • goods and services $647,000
  • construction $9.24 million.

Exempt procurement

Some categories of procurement are exempt. For example, the rules do not apply to the procurement of health and welfare services or the procurement of educational services. The procurement of motor vehicles is also exempt.  

For the full list of exemptions, see International procurement agreements guide, schedule 2.

How to comply

If your procurement is:

  • for an affected agency
  • above the threshold
  • for procurement that is not exempt

you must comply with the international agreements.

For detailed advice, read the International procurement agreements guide.

Did you know?

Soon a new Procurement Board Direction will replace PBD 2017-06 International procurement agreements with rules suppliers can enforce through legal proceedings.