Buying for social outcomes

Delivering strategic outcomes for NSW that increase employment opportunities and equality for residents.
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Why buy for social outcomes

Social outcomes include employment opportunities and overcoming economic disadvantage.

Procurements that increase opportunities and equality for all residents are required by policy.

Buyers will find the policies will cut down on the administrative burden to make compliance easier.

Buying from start-ups and SMEs

When you buy from any small and medium enterprise (SME) or start-up up to the value of $10,000, make sure you’re getting value for money.

Making it easy

Check your agency rules. You may be able to buy over the counter and pay for it with a P-card.

You can buy from any small and medium enterprise up to the value of $50,000.

Value for money

Only one quote is needed. Make sure the goods or services meet industry standards.

Buying from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses

Aboriginal businesses on prequalified schemes should be considered first for goods and services up to $250,000.

An Aboriginal business can also be contracted by direct negotiation up to $250,000.

Buying from Australian Disability Enterprises

Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs) are commercial businesses that employ people with disabilities.

Agencies can buy goods and services from approved ADEs via a single written quote. This includes goods or services on whole of government contracts.

Approved ADE details, including their services, can be found on the BuyAbility website.