Buying for less than $10,000

It’s easy to buy goods and services if you’re spending less than $10,000.
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Policy for smaller procurements

You can procure from any supplier, any goods and services valued up to $10,000.

This is an exemption from using mandated contracts and schemes. It is also an opportunity to use small to medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as diversifying your suppliers.

Check before you buy

● if your agency has any additional rules

● if your agency has any specific safety and infrastructure requirements

The buying process: less than $10,000

It’s likely your agency has its own process.

Document your assessment on getting value for money and your decision making process.

You may be able to pay for purchases with a P-card, reducing the administrative burden while still being policy compliant

Did you know?

Agencies may purchase goods or services up to a value of $50,000 directly from a small business, even where these are available on a whole-of-government arrangement. Agencies are encouraged to purchase from local small business, including fresh produce.