Accreditation for goods and services

An agency’s authority to procure goods and services depends on its level of accreditation.
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Levels of accreditation

Non-accredited agencies

Non-accredited agencies follow procurement processes according to values up to $650,000, as set out in the NSW Government Procurement policy framework under the section Accreditation and authority to procure.

See also Accreditation program for goods and services procurement.

Level 1 accredited agencies

Level 1 accredited agencies' minimum contract value limits depend on the risk level:

  • low risk $50 million
  • medium risk $35 million
  • high risk $20 million.

Above these limits they must work with either:

  • a Level 2 accredited agency in their cluster
  • NSW Procurement.

Level 2 accredited agencies

Level 2 agencies’ contract values are not limited.

List of accredited agencies

Find out if your agency is accredited or search for a Level 1 or 2 agency in your cluster.

Applying for accreditation

To plan and apply for accreditation contact the Procurement service centre

Things to remember

Accredited agencies must send NSW Procurement their:

  • agency procurement plan
  • annual outcomes report
  • self-assessment attestation
  • progress reports on improvement plans from previous years.

Email these to by 31 August each year.