Aboriginal participation in construction reporting

Buyers and suppliers must plan and report on Aboriginal participation in construction works.
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Suppliers propose the plan

As set out in the Aboriginal participation in construction policy (APIC), the supplier must submit a draft Aboriginal participation plan as part of the tender process. This is done by completing the Aboriginal participation plan template. This template outlines the minimum requirements of the plan and the information matches the reporting required in the portal. A final plan is agreed with the buyer during contract negotiation.

At a minimum, an Aboriginal participation plan must include:

  • project details
  • contracting agency
  • project category
  • estimated project spend, exclusions, percentage and dollar value of project spend allocated to Aboriginal participation
  • distribution of Aboriginal participation to eligible spend – employment, engagement of Aboriginal owned businesses, education and training, and engagement and consultation.

Agencies enter the plan into the portal

Once a supplier is selected, the buyer must enter details of their approved Aboriginal participation plan into the Aboriginal participation portal.

Suppliers report using the portal

Once the buyer has completed the initial details, the appointed supplier must report how they are meeting the terms of their plan, through the Aboriginal participation portal.

The supplier must report:

  • quarterly for projects valued up to $10 million
  • monthly for projects valued over $10 million.

On completion of the construction project the supplier must submit a final report to confirm the Aboriginal participation requirements were met. Where the Aboriginal participation commitments were not met, the remaining unspent Aboriginal procurement in construction (APIC) funds are then transferred to an approved body.